What is One Stop Shop NJ?

One Stop Shop NJ is a campaign to allow consumers the choice of where to buy your beer, wine, and spirits. Forty-five other states allow beer or wine sales in retail food stores, but New Jersey law prohibits most grocery stores from selling these products.

The Bill...

Current NJ law prevents a company from owning more than 2 retail liquor licenses. This legislation increases the number of retail liquor licenses a comapny or person may own from 2 to 10 over a ten year period so this way companies do not have to circumvent an outdated law. In the first year after this bill is enacted, the number of licenses increases from 2 to 5. Then in five years, it increases again from 5 to 7. Finally, in the tenth year the limit increases yet again from 7 to 10. It is important to note this bill does not change the number of liquor licenses available. It only changes the amount of licenses a person/entity/company can own.
Also, this bill will help fund local governments. Companies who acquire more than two licenses under the legislation are required to pay a license transfer fee on each additional license that they acquire. The transfer fee is set at 10 percent of the amount the entity paid for the license and is payable to the municipality in which the licensed premises is situated. With some liquor licenses costing over $1 million, local towns can see a significant windfall to be used for property tax relief or restoration of services.

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The Need For Change...

The current statutes, limiting food retailers to two licenses are antiquated and unfair. The American system is built on the principle of competition and open markets. New Jersey’s current laws do not follow that model, creating a disadvantage for many consumers who are looking for convenience and more importantly, choice.


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