Discovering the Best Thai Restaurants in Geneva

Ah, Geneva! Nestled between mountainous slopes and gorgeous Lake Geneva, it is known for more than just its exquisite landscapes, watchmaking, and diplomacy. Tropical Thai dishes are aplenty here, and the city’s multicultural vibe makes sure of that. There is a dazzling array of Thai restaurants offering a culinary escape from cheese fondue and raclette. Let’s dive into our top picks, shall we?

Na Village

First up, we have “Na Village” at Rue de Saint-Jean 57. With a beautifully designed interior and subtle-yet-divine flavors of Thailand, Na Village holds a special place on our list. The restaurant’s innovative approach to traditional Thai dishes, served with a dash of Swiss finesse, sees gourmet enthusiasts returning time and time again. Can we recommend the curry assortment? This delicate curry masterfully balances sweet coconut milk and fiery green chilli – absolute must-try!

Le Thai

“Le Thaï”, located in the heart of Geneva- rue Neuve-du-Molard. A charming, rustic setting with Thai artifacts make your dining experience memorable. Their “Kai Yang” is a dish that revels in the simplicity of fresh ingredients brought together beautifully. Their wide array of food paired with perfectly cooked Jasmine rice is an aromatic dream you’d want to indulge in.

Marifah Thaï Restaurant

Tucked away in the charming suburb of Meyrin, “Marifah Thaï” is an exquisite Thai restaurant. It’s a gastronomical gem that quickly captures the curiosity of Thai food lovers. This restaurant is located at Rue Virginio-Malnati 42 in Meyrin, an easy escape from the hustle and bustle of central Geneva.

Their menu offers a culinary voyage through the regions of Thailand. With an emphasis on fresh, quality ingredients, each dish conveys the vivacious flavours one expects from authentic Thai cuisine – spicy, sour, sweet, and tangy.


From the moment you walk through the doors, Suahoy welcomes you with a vibrantly designed setting that seamlessly balances contemporary elegance and traditional Thai influences. Thoughtful detailing, from colourful cushion to intimate lighting, creates an atmosphere that’s both relaxing and authentically Thai.

However, it’s the menu at “Suahoy” that takes centre stage—offering a veritable feast of Thai classics, each prepared with an innovative twist. The enchantingly aromatic KHAO SOI or the beautifully spicy HOI PAD NAM PRIK PAO are sure favourites, each mouthful echoing the dynamic flavours of Thai cuisine.

Remember, when it comes to dining, Geneva is more than just Swiss rösti. Beneath the tranquil Swiss sky lies a vibrant Thai food scene waiting to be explored. Go ahead, take your pick, and open your taste buds to a brand new world of stirring flavors and tantalizing textures. Happy feasting!